The Best Places To Try Kueh Salat In Singapore

The Best Places To Try Kueh Salat In Singapore

Here are some of the best locations to try kueh salat in Singapore, a typically two Nyonya delicacy with some glutinous rice on one layer and a creamy custard layer on the other. A few places have turned the three-bite nibble into spherical cakes suited for birthday parties.

For the unfamiliar, kueh salat comprises two layers: a chewy layer of glutinous rice on the top of a sweet layer of coconut custard. Pandan leaves and blue pea blossoms should be used to give their color a much brighter appearance.

Bengawan Solo

This reliable source of local food never disappoints. With its uneven, undulating surface, their kueh salat has a fantastic flavor and contains decidedly more handcrafted appeal than others. Even though the custard is softer, the aroma of pandan leaves is apparent, and the kueh remains a beautiful combination of textures and flavors.

Chalk Farm’s Kueh Salat

You know you’d uncovered a winner after just one bite. The kueh salat in Singapore of Chalk Farm is highly fragrant, delicious, and incredibly addicting — a pleasant surprise from a bakery known for the Guinness chocolate cake and 24-karat brownies. The top layer of the kaya custard is smooth, soft, and silky, with delicate overtones of pandan and coconut. It also pairs beautifully with the bottom layer’s exquisite glutinous rice infused with the blue pea flower.


HarriAnns, is a renowned proponent of Nyonya kueh, is a traditionalist who does practically everything by his hand. This includes the extraction of coconut milk too. Their kueh salat has a smooth pastel-greenish coating with an eggy-butter flavor and delicate coconut aroma. A savory, glutinous, chewy rice layer, colored with blue pea flowers, balances out the creamy custard. It is available for eating in regular slices and morsels.

Kueh Chang Kim Choo

Many people know about its rich history, and the smell and bite of its famous kueh salat will tell you why. Since the year of 1945, Kim Choo Kueh Chang has captivated hordes of ardent regular customers with their selection of homemade treats, which are housed in a highly quaint section of the heritage-rich unit in Joo Chiat. The highly perfumed custard is laid above a bed of savory, delicately salted glutinous rice that has been infused with blue pea flowers, creating the perfect offset balance – impervious to the hands of time and untouched by modernity.

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