Beef Jerky 101: What Meats To Use And More

Beef Jerky 101: What Meats To Use And More

Jerky is a popular substitute for chips as an evening snack. Unlike most ‘healthy’ snacks, it is nutrient-dense, high in protein, and doesn’t have a yucky taste. Beef jerky is made by dehydrating lean beef and applying salt to hinder bacterial growth.

Best Meat Cuts Of Beef For Jerky

The top round cut meat is usually tenderer than the bottom round one. This cut has its unique flavour and is a relatively inexpensive choice, and there is very little interior fat in this particular cut.

  • Bottom Round:  The bottom round cut is the most petite tender of the round cut meats. Even so, its taste is perfect for making jerky. It is the outer muscle of the upper part of the cow’s leg, and it is also reasonable in terms of prices. 
  • Pectoral:  Pectoral cut is the square-cut part remaining after removing the brisket cut meats. This part is high on the list regarding tenderness, but the cooking method needs to be proper to retain it. 
  • Eye Of The Round:   This is a lump of single oval meat in the leg and thus, is rightfully called the “eye” of the game. It is one of the tender’s cuts of the animal and has a little fat to be eliminated. This cut is economical and is a great choice. 
  • Flank:  Flank steak is a thin, flat cut suitable for jerky. Although it is not that tender, heavy seasoning is required to make it easy to consume and digest. Flank steak has the least amount of fat amongst all meat cuts.
  • Sirloin:  Sirloin is the leanest back of the animal and is high in protein, not robust in flavour. The top sirloin is one of the tender’s cuts of beef. Sirloin is a bit more expensive than other meat cuts, but it is rich in value.

Other Qualities To Check For

Although beef jerky is high in fats and calories, grass-fed beef is somewhat a better option than the grain-fed variant, and it is said to be lower in fat. Some other techniques to make sure the beef is good are to check whether it is firm, not wobbly, or slimy. Since beef is a lump of meat, the fragrance can be an excellent indicator of quality and freshness, and the stale meat has a foul smell and is easily distinguishable.

Juicy And Savory Jerky Flavors For Your Cravings

Jerky is made and is readily available in the market in many different flavors and seasonings. Some best types of beef jerky are Bloody Mary, Spicy sesame garlic, Mustard BBQ, Honey glazed, etc. These are all mouth-watering and will satisfy your hunger pangs. It also tastes amazing paired with so many different foods, salads, tomato sauce, omelets, to name some. 

This blogger is starving and will sign off now; I wonder if I should get a snack! What should I get?

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