Shabu Shabu, A Healthy and Delicious Food That You Are Waiting for (Plus, Vegan-friendly Hot Pot Diet)

Shabu Shabu, A Healthy and Delicious Food That You Are Waiting for (Plus, Vegan-friendly Hot Pot Diet)

If you have been looking for delicious food from Asian origins, Shabu Shabu is the best and healthiest meal you could ever have. This is a cuisine that delights from flavors like mirin and soy sauce and is one of the healthiest food you will come across our restaurants. This Japanese food comes with loads of nutrients, all from fresh ingredients. In short, the ingredients used to make Shabu Shabu are low on calories, giving you the satisfaction you need. If you are looking for the best restaurant for this specific and tantalizing meal, 9292 Shabu is the place to be. It is a premium quality hotel offering more than 10 kinds of Korean hot food and the good thing is you can cook it yourself.

How Healthy is Shabu Shabu?

This is a major question surrounding this Japanese kind of food. One thing we must tell you is that if you are not aware of what your Shabu Shabu contains, it is easy to overeat and end up gaining weight. Shabu Shabu is Healthy And Delicious Food but you need to be careful with how you eat it. Are you aware that Shabu Shabu is a perfect vegetarian meal? You can simply make and enjoy a vegetarian Shabu Shabu with a wide range of vegetable choices. Moreover, you can skip the beef and go for tofu. As a vegetarian, you do not have to skip the food because of the beef part. The dashi broth is made from dried kelp and you can mix it with the vegetables for the ultimate vegetarian meal.

How to Eat Healthy Shabu Shabu

As mentioned earlier, this is a delicious meal, and you may easily lose track of how much you have eaten. If you are looking for a delicious meal, one you can eat and still stay fit, Shabu Shabu is the real deal. However, the following are things you must observe to keep it healthy.

  • Know the Ingredients Going into The Shabu Shabu

Shabu Shabu is a bit different from other Hot Pot foods because it comes with added boiling water and kombu. One thing about it is that this traditional dish mostly focuses on flavoring using sauces. So, as you avid other Hot Pot foods because of their fattening characteristics, Shabu Shabu comes as the healthiest alternative. There are fewer flavors and less meat that comes in form of ribeye or sirloin.

  • Focus on the Vegetables

Another good about this food is that it comes with a wide variety of vegetable options. The big reason why you are spoiled with vegetable options is that the fiber in the vegetables helps to regulate the amount you eat and boosts digestion.

  • Know the Number of Calories in the Food

Unlike other Hot Pot meals with a high level of calories, Shabu Shabu is different. There are various alternatives to beef you can choose to keep down the level of calories you consume. Whether it is beef tongue, ribeye, or sirloin, you have the choice of knowing the number of calories you are consuming.

Wrapping It Up!

We hope you have realized how good and healthy Shabu Shabu is. There are many choices you can make with this meal if you are looking for healthy options. So, the next time you visit our restaurant, don’t forget to ask for your favorite Shabu Shabu.


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