The menu items that pair best with Milky Lane burgers this summer

Why are we so obsessed with burgers? The most obvious answer is that they are delicious and cheap. In most cases, we get a generous pile of fries and a refreshing soft-drink, thus completing the holy trinity of hearty dining. Burgers are an economically sound choice that satisfies your cravings and they are light on the hip-pocket. 

The real reason we love burgers is perhaps a little more complicated. Besides being cheap, burgers are also easy and fun to eat, requiring most of your attention. You could even call it an exercise in mindfulness. Milky Lane, one of Australia’s leading burger restaurants, offers each foodie a chance to customise their burger to their liking and offers a tantalising range of menu-favourites. Choosing the best menu item to pair your burger with, is a good problem to have.

When it comes to the most satisfying burgers, Milky Lane changed the game in 2016 and has won over the hearts of adoring fans with its lively and urban aesthetic. A hip hop paradise, Milky Lane offers guests the chance to spoil themselves with spectacular food, drinks, and ambience. The venues are designed to resemble an urban streetscape, with a colourful range of murals and graffiti. The playfulness of these motifs and murals as well as the lavish booths, private dining areas, and smaller group tables is an acknowledgement of creativity and an invitation to customers to exercise their own when choosing their burger. 

In celebration of this year’s biggest festival, Milky Lane has crafted an exciting food menu and an array of amazing drinks available from December. While stocks last, you can book your table now for the holidays and pair a mouth-watering burger with a flavourful side that will elevate your tastebuds to another level.  

Vegemite or Streaky Maple Bacon- Milky Lane are trailblazers with flavour and even the simplest additions make for a delectable pairing with their burgers. They invite you to try their house Mac and Cheese Fried Chicken Burger topped with Vegemite for the ultimate flavour bomb. It doesn’t end here as the Milky Lane Southern Fried Chicken Burger paired with streaky maple bacon will have you ordering seconds. 

Four-Cheese Dipping Sauce- Milky Lane is the only Australian burger restaurant that prepares hand-rolled spring rolls using specially crafted Mac & Cheese and appealing fillings served with its Four-Cheese dipping sauce.

Deep-Fried Lindt Balls- If you’ve got a hankering for the bittersweet variety, the unique Deep-Fried Lindt Balls will satisfy you. You can enjoy a combination of a deep-fried pancake meshed with the aforementioned Lindt Balls with a rich de Leche sauce . This is also dusted with fine sugar powders and is available with vanilla ice cream or Nutella as the perfect desert to your burger. 

A Fruity House Cocktail -The Milky Lane’s mixed drink usually contains rum, cream of coconut, ice, and fruit or fruit juice and is generally blended and served with a fruit garnish. A passionfruit juice mixed with fresh pineapple and lemon, Dead man’s fingers coconut rum and a thick-shake mix covered in vanilla buttercream is among the rare drinks that go well with a big juicy burger.

Milky Lane is available to cater to any kind of event or occasion. Their exponential growth in popularity is a testament to their ability to offer a memorable experience and guarantee a hearty satisfaction. See their word-class menu here and book your table today. 

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