5 Reasons Why Instagrammable Restaurants Are a Trend Now

5 Reasons Why Instagrammable Restaurants Are a Trend Now

Instagram, a media sharing and social media site has billions of users, particularly among millennials and Gen Z. It has grown tremendously since its launching and now is one of the most influential platforms that any brand can make use of. 

The term instagrammable means to be visually appealing and suitable to be photographed and posted on social media. Instagram is like the ‘word of mouth’ of the digital world, giving businesses tremendous exposure that converts to better sales.

Around 1.15 billion users are on Instagram every month, and 90% of these users follow at least one business or brand account. One main factor why Instagram is popular among businesses and online marketers is because the site makes it easy to share photos and videos. Visual representation is one vital aspect of marketing, and Instagram is heaven for brands to present their products and services.

Today, restaurant owners are investing not only in the quality of their food but also in interior design and food art to attract more people. The rise of Instagram-worthy restaurants is a trend that will stay for quite some time because of the following: 

1. Millennials and Gen Z 

Millennials and Gen Z are the types of people who favour eating out and put more value on life experiences than wealth. Interestingly, Instagram is geared towards millennials and Gen Z, which makes it a perfect platform for them to share their food adventures. 

The popular FOMO motto, which means ‘fear of missing out’, is also the driving force for this consumer behaviour. Thus, restaurants have to make an effort to create Instagram-worthy interiors and menus to attract customers. 

2. Wider reach

Restauranteurs know how influential Instagram can be. It changed how the food industry works. Nowadays, local brands can compete with bigger brands when equipped with the right approach, good photography skills and marketing techniques.  

Food posts on Instagram can reach people beyond the restaurant’s location and attract people who are willing to spend the time and effort to travel just to try the food and experience the ambience. People who are looking for Instagrammable cafes in Brisbane can simply use a few hashtags to find a great place. 

3. A place to unwind and escape

For consumers, a visually appealing restaurant is like stepping into a new world. Surrounded by appealing decors and unique concepts, the experience makes the place memorable. A restaurant is no longer a place to eat but also a place to escape through an aesthetically designed space. Making your restaurant Instagram-ready will put it on the map for people to go and unwind. 

4. Discoverable

For new restaurants, it can be a challenge to compete with bigger brands in terms of getting the attention to introduce the brand. However, this is not the case for insta-worthy restaurants. 

Visually appealing, well-thought designs, both in food and space, can make a new restaurant discoverable in just days. Moreover, restaurants get to be creative with their concept because people enjoy documenting experiences that are meaningful to them.  It is also important to note that people use Instagram as a directory to look for places to eat, unwind or search for restaurants for dinner. 

5. Encourage interactions

When instagrammable photos are uploaded to social media sites, it boosts engagements, which is a win-win for both the influencer and followers. The more engagement you get, the more you will be seen in the digital world, and this is an advantage for any restaurant or other business. 

How To Make Your Restaurant Instagrammable

In today’s world, consumers usually rely on posts to help them decide where to eat and go. This is why creating insta-worthy photos is a serious job. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Good lighting is a must. The amount of light will define the space and enhance the overall appearance of the place in the photo. 
  • Create a unique menu. Get people snapping those photos by creating distinct menus and memorable flavours. 
  • Get visually pleasing tiles. Remember the foot floor selfie? Yes, people love standout tiles!
  • Decorate the bathrooms. Beautiful bathrooms invite people to take selfies, and interesting details will definitely add to the charm. 
  • Convert boring space to photo opportunity. A plain white wall can be a photo opportunity by simply putting neon lights, murals or standout decors. 
  • Food presentation. Make an effort to improve on your food presentation. A beautiful plating can attract many to try the food and head over to the restaurant. 
  • Don’t forget the garnish. Cocktails will look a lot more interesting with garnish. From bright-coloured flowers to herbs and fruits, they will definitely add flair to the drinks. 

The Bottomline

When it comes to social media, food posts rule Instagram. There is no reason not to get involved with the trend. The platform is easy to use, visually friendly for photos and videos, and practically free to sign up. 

On top of that, the restaurant competition is no longer about serving delicious food. Many have to be creative with their menu while creating photogenic food and aesthetic spaces. When these are done right, you will attract and reach a lot of customers, thanks to the generation that does not want to miss out on life experiences, including everyday activities like dining.  

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