How to pick out good-quality almonds?

How to pick out good-quality almonds?

Almonds and beans can cover up a lot of the nutritional requirements of a person. However, for that, you need to find good-quality almonds and beans. In this article, the discussion will be on identifying good-quality almonds. Whether it is beans or almonds, you must be very careful when purchasing them since buying adulterated products can cause more harm than good. Check out bean supplier Malaysia for purchasing good quality beans.

Good quality almonds are crucial supplements to one’s diet. Here are some checks that you should perform before you purchase the almonds. These will help you identify if the almonds are adulterated or not.

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One of the most common adulteration techniques that have been observed in the case of almonds is the polishing of them with the red ochre color. Most often, this is done to enhance the almond’s appearance. If you wish to identify if the almond has been chemically treated, take a few almonds in your hand and rub them amongst your palms. If your palms catch the color of the almonds, it indicates that the almonds are adulterated and should not be purchased. This is basically done to hide the broken ends of the almonds. Along with this, you can also take sealed almonds in a transparent packet. If the packing does not look transparent after shaking the almonds inside, do not buy them. Suppose you are looking to buy almonds. Check out almond supplier Malaysia.


Press an almond kernel on a tissue or paper. It should leave traces of oil. The more oil the almond contains, the fresher it is. Most often, to increase the sale of almonds, moisture shopkeepers keep the almonds around water so that they can retain the moisture content. The presence of moisture causes the double appearance of the oil traces on the tissue papers. Under such conditions, oil would be released even if the almond is pressed in a very slight manner. To identify the presence of moisture, take around eight to ten almonds in a vessel made of steel and shake it well. You will have to check for the sound. Either the sound will be a stone hitting the surface of a steel or suppressed. If it sounds like stones hitting steel, the almonds are fine, and you can purchase them. Alternatively, if the sound that comes out is suppressed, the almonds have been adulterated and should not be purchased.

Same shape and color

Be very careful when checking the shape of the almonds. Make sure that the almonds are equal in size. If you notice that the elements are varying in size, they must have been tampered with. As per experts on almonds, good quality almonds are only sold by mixing good quality almonds. 

Beans, almonds, and nuts have a variety of health benefits. However, you must be very careful when selecting them from the market. If you land up with the contaminated product, it will only cause more harm than the good you are looking for.

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