Order in For Your Next Birthday Bash: Pizza Delivery in Montreal 

Order in For Your Next Birthday Bash: Pizza Delivery in Montreal 

Birthday parties are incomplete and lifeless without a cake (and food). You can’t really expect the guests to enjoy your company and good music. Good food allows people to mingle and get the much-needed energy to dance all night. If it’s an adult-only party, you might keep some alcoholic beverages for your buddies or family members. Perhaps some cocktails and beer bottles would suffice. 

What about the birthday bash menu? You can’t really serve soup and red Thai curry on your birthday bash. Well, it’s your day so you decide what goes on the menu. However, you need something that’s easily accessible and doesn’t create a lot of mess. Finger foods and pizzas are best for a birthday bash. 

If you live in Montreal, there’s a very good and reputed place to order pizzas from. Double Pizza food delivery is not just about delivering pizzas. You can order a lot of goodies from the outlet. 

Here’s a quick and informative post on what you should be ordering for your next birthday bash. Make sure you pick some of these dishes because they’re a hit among food lovers and guests. 

Dishes you ought to order for your birthday bash 

  • Fried chicken – This is a classic dish. Double Pizza delivers fried chicken and it happens to be one of their top-selling dishes. Fried chicken is always a good idea because people can pick up a piece and enjoy it with some ketchup or dips. It’s a no-fuss dish wherein you don’t really need plates to serve them up. It is crunchy from the outside and juicy from the inside. You can’t say no to this beautiful and fun dish! 
  • Chicken wings – Another chicken dish that deserves a mention is chicken wings. Double Pizza serves it up with some awesome dips. Moreover, you can get these wings in some super saver combos. 
  • Pizza party – Make sure you’re buying a variety of pizzas. You may have guests who are either vegetarians or hard-core non-vegetarians. Ask their preferences before ordering pizzas. You can have a pepperoni pizza and another one with jalapenos, mushrooms, and other kinds of veggies. 
  • Cheesy garlic bread – If you’re ordering pizza, it is a good idea to order cheesy garlic bread as well. It tastes heavenly! Moreover, it’s a no-fuss snack for guests. 
  • All-beef hot dog – Yum! That’s what beef hot dogs taste like. Double Pizza makes mind-blowing hot dogs, so make sure you order these for your party. 

Is there enough cake for all? 

If nobody is baking a cake for you, you can order one yourself. There’s a beautiful and delicious chocolate cake listed on the menu. 

Looks like your menu would look delectable once it’s ready. Feel free to add some fish fingers, chips, nachos, and other snacks to keep the guests interested. 

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