The Aspects Making Red Wine Different From White Wine

The Aspects Making Red Wine Different From White Wine

People believe that color is the only factor differentiating red wine from white wine. As white grapes make white wine, and black grapes make red wine. However, the difference goes far beyond the color and the choice of grapes. Here, you will learn about some fascinating facts that differentiate red wine from white wine.

A person needs to know the difference between different types of wines when they order wine online. The first aspect that distinguishes red wine from white wine is the main ingredient, grapes. Let us learn about the type of grapes wineries use to make wine.

Different types of grapes

Winemakers use red grapes to make wines like Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and other red wines. On the other hand, they make white wines like Pinot Grigio, chardonnay, and others using white grapes. However, the amusing thing is nearly all wines use the same species of grapes, Vitis Vinifera. Ampelographers trust in theory that first Vitis Vinifera grapes were black, and because of a natural mutation white variety of grapes came into existence.

Use of different parts of grapes

After picking up the grapes, winemakers head to the cellar to make wine. A different method of making red wine is using grape skin and seed for fermentation. They remove these in white wine. It is because the color of red wine comes from the skin and seeds of these grapes.

However, a few exceptions cases also exist that do not turn out as they should be. The results are also a completely different taste of wines. For instance, the making of the champagne While of blacks or Blanc de Noirs is similar to making white wine. But the results are champagne that looks like white wine.

Another exception is Pinotd’ Alsace or White Pinot Noir. While making it, the makers ferment white grapes with their skin and seeds. The wine refers to as orange wine. It tastes like a red wine that has tannin. However, this technique is rare and hard to find in an online wine store, and wines are entirely different from others.

The other difference between red wine and white wine include –

  • Different stylistic profile
  • Pairing with different food
  • Differences in winemaking methods

Thanks to the different production methods, it is natural for red wine online and white wine to exhibit rare stylistic profiles. The stylistic profile of these wines has only two main aspects – the structure and fruit flavor.

At the same time, the conventional understanding instructs people to drink white wine with light food and red wine with heavier dishes. The white wine is an excellent companion to light foods like veggies and seafood. On the other hand, red wine goes hand in hand with meat dishes, especially red meat ones.

It is a classic pairing, but there is no authoritative reason. The basis of this pairing is the interaction of these wines with the different components of food like fat, acidity, sugar, and salt. The key here is the matching and complementing of the flavors and texture of food with the wine.

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