Reasons That Make WHMIS Your Best WHMIS Training Option

Reasons That Make WHMIS Your Best WHMIS Training Option


The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) is one of the most important and renowned methods that Canadian workers use to learn important information about working with hazardous substances and to obtain a valid WHMIS certificate. Whether you are a business owner aiming to train your team members or an individual worker looking to give a boost to your career, WHMIS training can offer endless benefits.

But it is very important to note that WHMIS is not the same on every online platform. This is why we bring to you this detailed blog that talks about everything you need to know before opting for WHMIS online training solution.

Compliance with Current Standards – 

This is a very important point that many people usually ignore when searching for a trustworthy WHMIS training program online. So, you need to look only for the platforms that offer online WHMIS training that is compliant. This is something that you should not ignore and it must be the first thing to look for. An online training program that is compliant with local authorities will ensure that you or your workers are equipped with the information to be safe while working with hazardous products. The training program must be compliant with the standards and should have the information as per the updated WHMIS 2015.

Effectiveness – 

Another very important point to keep in mind when searching for the WHMIS training program is that it should be effective, which means that it should contain all the information, at the same time it should also present that the information is provided in a clear and effective manner. The teaching principles should be well-defined so that the learners can easily grasp the information being shared. One of the best things to check is if the WHMIS training program contains interactivity so that the learners have the opportunity to make decisions and experience the consequences of those decisions immediately. 

Efficiency – 

While you are searching for the best WHMIS programs online to obtain a WHMIS certificate, make sure that the program is efficient also. By efficient, we mean that the learners should be able to learn the content and demonstrate their competence. The best part about online learning is that an online course can be completed much before its timeline or the traditional classroom methods. But it also depends on your ability as an individual to grasp the information being shared. Make sure that there is no filler content just for the sake of making a course longer.

Price and Value – 

And the very most important part about searching for the best WHMIS training program is its price. You must check what you are getting for the money you are investing in the training program. Check if the platform provides you a printable WHMIS certificate after the completion of the training so that you have valid proof that you have undergone training to learn how to handle hazardous chemicals and other substances at the workplace.

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