How To Check Train PNR Status On WhatsApp

How To Check Train PNR Status On WhatsApp

Because you can now check your PNR status on WhatsApp. But are you aware of any further applications for this new feature? Additionally, you can follow the progress of your online train meal order. Then, you can use this to voice your complaint. All of these characteristics have helped to solve a lot of problems. Because even old people can use WhatsApp and learn how to order meals on their own, anyone can now eat on a train.

You now have a wide range of alternatives with food on train via WhatsApp on trains. so that it would be simple for you to find your favorite foods. There are many different cuisines that can be ordered, including pizza, pasta, burgers, south and north Indian food, pakodas, samosas, and other vegetarian and non-vegetarian alternatives. Only jains have access to a particular thali and Jain cuisine. to make it possible for Jain people to eat while traveling across the mountains. Jain food comes in a range of dishes.

How To Check PNR with WhatsApp:

Save 7042062070 to your phone’s contacts list so you can WhatsApp for zoopindia food order. Send your train’s number to the above phone for online food order.

If the server isn’t overburdened, you should get a response with details on the relevant train within 10 seconds of making your request.

Look for the two blue ticks to confirm that the message was read and delivered correctly, and make sure you are online as well.

The 139 line, which customers presently use to check the status of their trains, should be freed up as a result of this project, which is centered on the demands of passengers. It comes in second place behind other programmes that have made customers’ lives better.

Your journey will be stress-free because you can now tailor your food to your tastes or the choices of your parents and children. Because while some individuals enjoy spicy food, others prefer non-hot cuisine.

More Options From This Service That You Can Avail:

As you may now use WhatsApp to check your PNR status. But do you know what else this new function can be used for? Additionally, you can track your online food on train while traveling by rail. You can then use this to complain about your issue. Many issues have been resolved by all these features. Anyone can now get food on a train because even elderly individuals can use WhatsApp and, after being taught, can order food on their own.

You can eat healthy food because of modern online ordering technology. Pizza, pasta, burgers, south and north Indian food, pakodas, samosas, and other vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are just a few of the many dishes that can be ordered. There is a specific thali and jain cuisine available only to jains.

To enable Jain people to consume food during long mountain journeys. Jain cuisine offers a variety of meals.

You Can Also Pay Online With This:

A Whatsapp bot for food delivery on trains is actually far more capable than that! Your chatbot can make the ordering process for takeaway or in-restaurant meals much simpler. It is possible to streamline the order processing, billing, order tracking, PNR status, and payment processes.

To give customers various options and a straightforward payment process when purchasing meals, integrate it with a range of payment apps and methods, including credit/debit cards, internet banking, PayPal, etc. The payment procedure is completely frictionless and contactless, regardless of where the customer places their orders.

Customers can rapidly and effortlessly pay using their primary way with a few clicks after placing an order on WhatsApp. They even get the bill right away so they can check for issues. The order confirmation is also sent right away to the pay register so that the kitchen may start processing the order and hasten delivery.

How You Can Order Food In Train Through WhatsApp:

You won’t have any justifications for not taking a train to your next holiday location thanks to the Indian Railways’ most recent partnership with important global fast food firms. Right now, instead of utilizing the fixed meal options offered on long-distance trains like the Rajdhani and Shatabdi, travelers have the option to order food from their preferred fast food outlets on board the train. This contains tried-and-true favorites like Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, KFC, Haldiram, Sagar Ratna, Bikanervala, and Sagar Ratna. Ordering food through Whatsapp may be done as easily while at home as it is when traveling by train.

The Approved IRCTC E-Catering Supplier zoopIndia, and have made it feasible at more than 450 stations. With the advent of WhatsApp, any traveler can now place an online order for train cuisine and receive guaranteed delivery to their train cabin. While seated in your train seat, you can place orders for regional delicacies from many different states. You can call +918010802222 from zoopindia by adding it to your phone’s contacts list.

Send your train’s number. You should receive a response with information on the relevant train within 10 seconds of placing your request, provided that the server isn’t overloaded. Please ensure that you are online and double-check the text’s delivery and reading by looking for the two blue ticks.

The 139 lines, which people already use to check the validity of their trains, should be made available.

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