Phenomenal Restaurants in Delhi That Would Make Your Mouth Water!

Phenomenal Restaurants in Delhi That Would Make Your Mouth Water!

Although Delhi is famous for its street cuisine, many decades-old restaurants in south Delhi stand out for their timeless flavors and impeccable quality. If you consider yourself a foodie, then these restaurants should be on your list. To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of ah-amazingly iconic eateries that have been filling our tummies and our hearts for decades and are well worth the hype! Read on and stop by!


Mamagoto is well-known for its excellent service and pleasant employees who are always willing to assist you. This restaurant is located in the Select Citywalk mall and offers reasonably priced meals. The first bite of good Thai fried rice, green chicken, and Thai chicken curry will impress you. Order delectable coconut, vanilla, and caramel ice cream. The best drinks to try are delicious beer, red sangria, and whiskey. Begin your lunch with delicious iced tea, coffee, or jasmine tea. The magnificent decor and inviting atmosphere make guests feel at ease.

Pa Pa Ya

Pa Pa Ya is a contemporary Asian Bistro. This restaurant is also located in the Select Citywalk mall that has a darkly lit room on the third floor of the glittering Palladium mall enlivened by luminous 3D white hexagons that change due to projection mapping. This location is a sushi lover’s Disneyland. Pa Pa Ya features a 16-page menu that comprises Vietnamese and Malaysian dishes. 

Bukhara Restaurant 

This luxurious fine dining restaurant has been serving delectable food since 1977 and is one of Delhi’s most well-known and award-winning establishments. Their tandoori meals are popular, attracting customers from all across the country who enjoy North Indian and Mughlai cuisine. 

The Golden Dragon 

The Golden Dragon is another iconic Chinese restaurant with a wide dining space, ideal for large groups or big family feasts. Their seafood menu is popular with pescetarians, and locals swear by this eatery for some delicious Pan Asian dishes, especially their Jumbo Prawns and Hakka Noodles. 

Guruprasad Udupi Restaurant 

Locals enjoy this South Indian restaurant, also known as Udupi Restaurant, for its flavorful filter coffee and reasonable rates. This iconic restaurant is a South Indian cuisine lover’s dream that is ideal for anyone. With its authentic taste and timeless appeal, this restaurant continues to attract customers. Try their delectable Mysore Dosa and real-filter coffee.

The Big Chill 

The Big Chill is truly a boon to Delhi’s cuisine scene. They’ve found the right spot with the Dilliwalas, with their unique vintage design and outstanding cuisine selections. The old atmosphere gives the cafe entirely another vibe that works brilliantly. Their Mississippi Mudpie is a major success with the sweet-tooth crowd, and the enormous servings make our inner bhukkad melt! 

Rajinder Da Dhaba 

This world-famous modern Dhaba is genuinely iconic, and Rajinder Da Dhaba has been a non-vegetarian haven forever. This is a must-visit for any foodie! They’ve been offering some delectable melt-in-your-mouth Galouti Kebabs and other delectable chicken dishes, and it’s always packed with foodies. 

We undoubtedly know where to go in Delhi when we want extremely amazing and lip-smacking food. And we can all agree that there is no better spot to grab your fix of Chinese, Mughlai, Modern Indian, or any cuisine than the poshest portion of Delhi. If you haven’t sampled the food at these top restaurants in South Delhi, then head over to these restaurants right now. You don’t want to miss out on the best.


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