No More Boring Meals: 3 Best Bento Set Options To Try In Singapore

There is no denying that Asian cuisines have been growing increasingly popular and famous for how many decades. And just recently, one of the eminent dishes from Japan is becoming more of a big hit during the pandemic and after the said outbreak. From healthy, international, and vegetarian to local options, there has never been a day that a bento set in Singapore did not pass by your social media feed!

If you suddenly feel hunger is about to strike in, this list got you covered! Whether a single order, a partner set for a date night, or a bento catering in Singapore for family or friendly gatherings, here are a few options!


THROW IN: A cup of rice, cubes of cheese, ham, sausage, corn chips, and guacamole

HOW IT WORKS: If you’re hosting a dinner for your friends who are pretty stressed with work, love, family, or life in general, consider having halal bento catering with the listed food options above. These pieces, taken in portions controllably, can tame tension and calm their nerves. They are high in healthy complex carbohydrates and have good properties that help stabilise sugar production and insulin. In short, you may find this bento set as comfort food and a quiet, steady meal option.


THROW IN: Smoked fish, fish nuggets, spinach, whole wheat pita bread, avocado, and chocolate bars with almonds or nuts

HOW IT WORKS: This bento set in Singapore is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, working well and collaborating with your brain’s mental stability and cognitive functions! This yummy selection can help you concentrate better and be attentive in work or class. Hold on! Not only does it help with concentration, but it also improves your memory, ensuring you never forget and miss out on the small details! Fish is high in iron, so it helps regulate your energy, which is best for busy days.


THROW IN: Celery, string beans, carrots, and other veggie sticks with dip, fruit skewers, a cup of mixed nuts, mashed potato, granola, and whole grains

HOW IT WORKS: Having these food items on your bento set in Singapore is one healthy way to help your body boost your sugar levels without the expense and risk of a disadvantageous energy crash later in the day. You can do so by eating foods loaded with natural sugars and fibres.

Never allow hunger to strike in again! Order a single bento set or halal mini buffet in Singapore for your events and occasions. Contact Stamford Catering today!

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