Korean Table Manners

Korean Table Manners

Han’s Chimeak is introducing the delights of eating Korean cuisine to Boise and the surrounding area with our own fusion of Korean fried chicken and draft beer. Even if the differences between American and Korean eating manners shouldn’t come as a surprise, have you ever wondered what it would be like to eat American meals in a Korean friend’s home or in a Korean restaurant in the midst of Seol? Learn the basics of good eating etiquette by continuing to read!

Never Eat Without Chopsticks

There are table manners that one might adopt that are socially acceptable, even if they are currently being eaten. For every single meal that is eaten in Korean culture, chopsticks are a must. Keeping this in mind is crucial when dining in Korean culture. Chopsticks should never be pointed directly at another person and should only ever be used with the right hand. Chopsticks should always be held in the right hand, which should also always be trusted with them. When not in use, you should set them down on a plate or bowl, and when they are, you should store them. Transferring food from one person’s chopsticks to another is regarded as being highly rude; instead, it is thought to be customary for each person to have their own set of chopsticks to use when eating. The last and most important criterion is to definitely not lick your chopsticks under any circumstances. To behave in this way toward another individual is really rude.

Chopsticks Should Never Be Left Unattended

It is crucial to remember that it is improper to insert your chopsticks into your food in accordance with Korean dining etiquette; as a result, you should always be aware of this fact. When not in use, rest your chopsticks on the edge of your bowl or plate to prevent them from vanishing. In Korean tradition, placing someone on a plate of rice while they are still alive has a comparable connotation to committing suicide. When eating, it is also considered polite to turn away from elderly people, refrain from talking while eating, and complete all of the food that has been placed on the table before getting up to leave. Additionally, you should graciously accept any additional food or beverages that are supplied and then express your appreciation by giving something else in return. This is regarded as a reciprocal act. This expresses your gratitude and admiration for the kindness they have shown you.

Never Pour Your Own Beverage

It’s important to keep the proper etiquette connected with Korean dining in mind when dining with Korean friends or acquaintances. You must remember that you are not allowed to pour your own drinks because this is one of the most crucial laws that must be observed. Instead, another visitor at the table—typically the one who is the eldest of those present at the table—will be given the honor of pouring beverages for the other guests. By carrying out this deed; the host shows his or her guests at the table respect and appreciation for their hospitality. Additionally, it offers the chance to show hospitable behavior by looking out for others in the neighborhood. It is crucial to keep in mind that if you are dining with Koreans, you shouldn’t pour your own drink. In Korean dining, this is considered the norm. Instead, let someone else handle it!

Furthermore, it is viewed as being of utmost importance in Korean society to appreciate the giver of something by saying “Thank you” after receiving it from someone else. This not only demonstrates your kindness and appreciation for others, but it also conveys your appreciation for the effort they have made. You should always say “Thank you” when someone fills your glass for you. This shows that you have good manners and respect for the person who filled your glass.

Try to Consume The Entire Meal

It is important to keep in mind that leaving food on a dish after finishing it is considered wasteful while dining with Koreans. In Korea, this is accepted as normal. If you can, try to finish all that is on your plate; if not, at the absolute least, make sure nothing goes to waste. It’s likely that in some circumstances, such as when you feel full, or there is a lot of food left over after eating a lot, leaving minor bits of food behind is acceptable and won’t be viewed as disrespectful.

Starting to eat before everyone else at the table has been given something to eat is considered to be highly disrespectful. Koreans often do not pass dishes around the table; instead, they place the food in the center and let each guest help himself. Every diner is expected to use chopsticks at some time during the course of their meal, so it can be helpful to practice using them beforehand.

Be Mindful Of How Loudly You Speak While Eating

It is important to keep in mind that when dining according to Korean customs, you should be conscious of how loud you are—both when you are eating and when you are drinking. This is due to the fact that talking aloud while eating or drinking in front of other people is considered impolite. In a wide range of social contexts, slurping and belching are viewed as impolite behaviors that are uncomfortable to witness. Additionally, when removing your part from the dishes, avoid pulling the food directly off the serving plate or bowl. Instead, remove your portion using the chopsticks or spoon that have been provided. In order to respect your host, you must politely decline any additional servings that are provided, especially if you are already full from the first serving. You should wait until everyone else has finished eating before starting to consume food. The final and most crucial advice is this.

You Must Be Grateful And Respectful At All Times

It is imperative to observe the right etiquette and eating conventions while visiting Korea. Guests are required to act in a way that is considerate and respectful to their host at all times. Rather than being the exception, this is more of the rule. It is traditional for the guest to thank the host for his or her hospitality when the meal is finished before leaving. Additionally, you should always use two hands while pouring drinks for other people, with one hand sitting on top of the other just below your elbow. As a mark of respect for the person you are pouring for, do this.


Learning about a new culture is a truly unique chance that cannot be repeated. But if you can learn how to do it while you’re snacking on something, it’s far more enjoyable. Even though Han’s Chimaek won’t need you to use your newly acquired manners, you may still dazzle your friends, family, and coworkers with this fascinating information to make your dinner even more enjoyable! The next time you want to try something new to eat or just want a place to relax after a long day at work, go to Han’s Chimaek. You won’t be let down. While you’re there, order some of our Korean fried chicken and a great draft beer of your choice. We offer a large variety. Visit to review all of your options and discover more about our restaurant!

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