How Does Cooking Affect The Nutritional Value Of Foods?

How Does Cooking Affect The Nutritional Value Of Foods?

Important Of Food

Food is the ultimate thing to have to live our lives. The importance of food in our lives is more important than clothes, and everybody is aware that good food is required for a good life.

But not every food is equally essential for our health & that’s because of the nutrients present in the food. Each food has its importance and has got uniquely configured nutritional values.

Types Of Nutritional Elements Present In Food

Few of such essential nutrients as protein, carbohydrates, fat etc. Protein & fat is mainly found in various types of food originating from animals & well as plants. At the same time, Carbohydrate is found primarily in foods originating from plants.

But, while cooking, some of these elements are being demolished, and their nutritional value in the food decreases to a great extent. Below we have discussed some ways of cooking and have also discussed their effect on the nutritional value of foods. To ensure that you get the best nutrition value from your cooked food, take a look at the following articles and to learn more regarding nutrition and cooking, visit https//

Effect On Vitamin C While Cooked In Water

Vitamin C is one of the essential types of Vitamin, and it is mainly found in fruits, vegetables, and foods generally sour to taste.

The amount of Vitamin C present in any food can dramatically decrease when put in water, especially in warm water. The reason is that Vitamin C is a Vitamin soluble in water, so when any food containing vitamin C is soaked in water, a top part of Vitamin C present in the food gets diluted in water.

As Vitamin B is also a similar kind of Vitamin, the same thing is applied to Vitamin B.

Effect On Protin When Cooked

When food containing protein is cooked in hot water or any other way gathering excessive heat, the chemical structure of the protein in the food.

Effect On Carbohydrate When Cooked

But, this is different in the case of carbohydrates. When carbohydrates in cooked, the digestive of carbohydrates in our body increases, and it means it is better to cook foods enriched with carbohydrates.

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