Healthy and Delicious; Wagyu Sukiyaki Ramen

Healthy and Delicious; Wagyu Sukiyaki Ramen

I encourage you to visit Japan if you enjoy eating.

We discovered a special menu called Wagyu Sukiyaki Ramen.

Enjoyed for decades, Sukiyaki is among the healthiest and most popular dish in Japan.

Wagyu is Japanese beef, and sukiyaki is a popular one-pot meal cooked with beef and vegetables.

In addition to its many health advantages, Japanese Wagyu Beef is recognized to reduce harmful cholesterol.

Beef is known to be a great source of vitamins and minerals and especially Wagyu is rich in iron,protein, and essential amino acids. 

You can currently find this outstanding ramen in Yokohama (Kanagawa prefecture) and Tokyo.

Go to Japan if you’re an enthusiastic eater!

The motto of BEEF KITCHEN STAND (the name of the restaurant), established by its president, Mr. Takeshi Matsumoto, is 

“To be the most appreciated food company in the world.” 

He was brought up by a family of Japanese restaurant owners in Yokohama who have been chefs for eight decades. Delivering services that are delightful, tasty, and enjoyable is his goal.

I asked him about the most challenging thing he encountered.  

Our focus on quality caused it to take a year from conception to commercialization, he replied.

I am interested in opening a restaurant abroad if Wagyu Sukiyaki Ramen is well-liked by customers. 

Added Mr. Matsumoto. When diners say, ‘I’ve never experienced ramen like this before,’ he is overjoyed.

The Wagyu Sukiyaki Ramen’s price is unbelievable—just 3,278 yen with tax included!

In today’s currency, it’s under 22 USD and there’s no need to leave a tip in Japan.

Please click on these links for further details.  (Written in Japanese)

Watch this fantastic video to see Mr. Matsumoto prepare Wagyu Sukiyaki Ramen!

You can see the behind-the-scenes process of making this ramen!

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