Happy Hours, Good Food, And Better Company

Happy Hours, Good Food, And Better Company

Drinking and dining date back to ancient times. It certainly has a cultural element when we hear about local tribes, kingdoms, colonies before the British era, all enjoying the lively time spent in the bars and other such establishments. The Philippines, out of other countries, have a rich cultural heritage of Tamarindo drink and food. For an island, it offers exquisite deals on bars while offering several other entertainment opportunities. “Inuman” is the Filipino word for drinking, and the bars there offer “Inuman” like nowhere else.

Drinking Culture Of Bars

  • Tagayan: In the Tagayan drinking culture, the Tanggero pours the drink for everyone in the group, which is prohibited from passing. If someone is too intoxicated to have another drink, their group member or friend will have to step up for them and take the drink into their account.
  • Barkatla:Barkatla is a famous friendship group in the Philippines that makes a circle and sits on chairs by the street to enjoy drinks. Mostly liquor was enjoyed in such groups.
  • Karaoke: The karaoke culture, alongside drinking and dancing in the bars across the world, is suite enjoyed by youngsters and adults alike. Karaoke is immensely enjoyed in the best bar in Makati.
  • Pulutan:Pulutan is the Filipino name for the snacks people tend to enjoy while having drinks

The Counter

The bar counter is where the bartenders serve different kinds of drinks to people. There can be types of alcohol, including hard liquor, wine, or beer, that are served at the counters. The bartenders may also mix different kinds of drinks according to the customers’ desires. Some of the best bars in the Philippines offer such extraordinary drinks.

Types Of Establishments

  • Based On Types Of Themes:

It can be a live music-themed bar, a beach-side bar, an art café and bar, and so on. Some of the best bars in Manila strive for exquisite themes to attract customers.

  • Based On The Type Of Food And Alcohol Served:

A full-time bar may offer all kinds of drinks. However, certain bars specialize in specific drinks. For example, the breweries are famous for brewing bears exclusively. The best bar in BGC for its food is LIT Whiskey.

  • Based On The Clientele’s Demographics:

There can be a women’s bar, a gay bar, a lesbian bar, a sailor’s bar, or a sports bar. These types focus on a particular kind of clientele and serve them the best. Star of Manila is the best bar in Manila for sports.

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