Cooking With Chu Hou Paste, Prawn And Black Bean: Must-Try Recipes

   Cooking With Chu Hou Paste, Prawn And Black Bean: Must-Try Recipes

It’s second nature to pick up a jar of premade sauce like prawn paste or chu hou paste in Singapore whenever we’re in the supermarket. In Chinese cuisine, everything comes into life because of these sauces made with intricacy.

Dips and sauces made following the culture and traditions could make your meal feel more personal. Tasty condiments can make even the most basic and bland dish enjoyable.

Flavoured sauces also allow you to add as many or as few flavours to your cuisine as you like.

What Makes Chinese Sauces Different?

Sauces are crucial in getting the ideal heat and taste profile in Chinese home cooking. However, a wide variety of spices, pastes, and oils can help give your food that recognisable flavour and set it apart from the others. Having a firm grasp on their functions in the kitchen will allow you to replicate restaurant-quality dishes at home.

Among those are black bean garlic sauce, chu hou paste and prawn paste in Singapore. Whether you use them in your meals will highlight a dish’s primary taste differently.

Are Sauces Necessary?


1.  It gives the additional seasoning

The flavour of your food relies on the sauce you use, and recipes come in many forms, each with its unique aroma and taste.

As a general rule, adding sauces like a black bean garlic sauce to foods like seafood and stir-fries will drastically alter their flavour and texture. Investing in well-known sauce production companies in your area is a good idea if you want your food products to have the authentic taste you’re going for.

2.  Adds visual appeal to food

Alone, sauces can give food an appealing appearance or make it more visually pleasing. They can help eat establishments because adding spices can provide a wide variety of flavours that can draw in as many customers.

Egg noodles in Singapore can’t be enticing to eat if it’s only plain. Stir-frying it or broth with beef and chu hou paste can make it even more mouth-watering. Sauces are a great way to experiment with new flavours and boost your eatery by creating exciting new dishes.

3.  Excellent consistency

Sauces can transform the chewiness or smoothness of a food item entirely. Sauces are great additions to many dishes, but they require a careful application. When a liquid consistency is needed or extra thickness, it is best to use a sauce.

If you prefer something to spice up your boiling hot pots, buying prawn paste in Singapore is a good idea because of its thickness and flavour.

Sauces, whether sweet, savoury, fruity, tangy, or creamy, enhance the flavours of the dish you serve them with. Additionally, they are composed of all-natural, fresh materials, which is even more appealing.

4.  Ideal for continuing long-held customs

Anyone prefers eating a meal that takes you and makes you feel at home. When it comes to family dynamics, food plays a significant role. That’s why starting with a high-quality handmade sauce that roots in tradition are essential.

For any dinner, sauces like a chu hou paste in Singapore can make it more memorable. There’s a tale of family and culinary passion in every dipping sauce.

What Food Can You Make With Sauces?


Although there are hundreds of foods you can try, here are some of the few you may try at home.

1.  Beef Brisket with Chu Hou Sauce

You’ll find this meal mostly in Cantonese restaurants. Chu hou paste in Singapore has a more refined consistency and a more robust soy sauce flavour. Quality ingredients, including soybeans, garlic, ginger, and sesame seeds, go into making this. The surface of the thickness makes it an excellent binding agent for marinades on meat and stir fry dishes.

You’ll only need beef brisket, white radish, and ginger to make this. For the seasoning, you’ll need soy sauce, rock sugar, corn flour and water. For maximum flavour, prepare this the night before serving to allow the sauce to soak in.

2.  Braised Beef over Egg Noodles

The braised beef recipe from China is a culinary surprise in terms of flavour and adaptability. It’s also known as dry noodles with meat or braised noodles. Buy egg noodles from trusted Singapore suppliers to ensure high quality.

When making this, remember that the soup isn’t watery, and you don’t soak the noodles. You will only need egg noodles, vegetable oil, beef braised with chu hou paste, soy sauce, braised stock, cornstarch slurry and spring onions.

3.  Dim Sum Steamed with Black Bean Garlic Sauce

Preparing steamed spare ribs with fermented black bean garlic sauce is not only a classic dim sum dish but also one of the simplest. These cooked ribs taste remarkably similar to dim sum from restaurants, and the recipe is flexible enough to suit your preferences.

You can pair it with pork, potstickers, and Cantonese soy sauce pan-fried noodles for a homey take on the classic dim sum spread. It’s also delicious, served as a main dish over rice and is sure to please everyone at the table.

You will only need pork ribs, sugar, salt, Shaoxing wine, sesame oil, cornstarch, long green and red peppers, and a black bean garlic sauce.

4.  Fried Prawn Paste Chicken

Since prawn paste chicken is a crowd pleaser, it’s always an excellent choice for a special occasion meal.

Crushed or ground shrimp are used to create prawn paste in Singapore. The salt content, aroma, consistency, and even colour of shrimp pastes can range significantly. It is the main flavouring component in many Cantonese meals, especially those cooked in clay pots, such as stewed eggplant and tofu. These recipes are some of our favourites because they are intense and tasty.

It is because the flavour characteristics are more powerful and refined than others. You’ll only need chicken bites like drumsticks and wingtips, prawn paste, sesame oil, flour, corn flour, egg, baking powder, soda, and water. You won’t most likely need salt and MSG as the paste is already strong in taste.

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