Cold Brew Coffee: The New Trend Of Your Lovable Drink 

Cold Brew Coffee: The New Trend Of Your Lovable Drink 

While iced coffee beverages aren’t precisely a novel concept, their rapid expansion is. All you need to do is pour it into the pitcher and sip it for an instant refreshing feeling. Just imagine getting cold-brewed coffee from the tap and you are all set. Want to know more? Let’s learn more about cold brew coffee on tap for offices: 

What Is Cold Brew Coffee?  

This type of coffee is the one that is different from your regular cup. The most crucial difference with the cold brew is that it is not brewed with hot water but is done with chilled water. The taste might not be as good as your regular cup, but it refreshes you and provides a boost that kicks you off the bed.  

How Can You Drink Cold Brew From A Tap? 

Drinking from a tap does not mean your regular fixture but refers to the keg. It’s simple to dispense from a keg; “tap” the keg with a coupler that contacts the valve. Nitrogen enters the keg through the coupler, pushing the coffee out.  

Low-pressure nitrogen is typically used to serve cold brew coffee on tap (10-15 psi). When you’re done with the keg, you have a few options: stainless steel may be returned to the manufacturer; if it’s your container with your cold brew, rinse it off and refill with a new batch, and if it’s a plastic keg, recycle it. 

One thing to remember is if the cold brew is shelf-stable or requires refrigeration. A shelf-stable product does not need to be refrigerated and may be left out at room temperature. 

Why Is Cold Brew Coffee Perfect For Offices? 

It has been considered that the cold brew coffee on tap for offices is the right choice because it can stay fresh for a long time. The coffee does not need any refrigerator if you have the keg.  

Upgrade your office coffee with cold brew on tap as it is easier for the employees to take a cup quickly and reach their workplace. Cold brew coffee is considered to be a cost-saving technique. The kegs can be installed speedily and will dispense chilled coffee to keep your employees active and productive. 


Want an active working environment? Then why not go for cold-brewed coffee. The latest advancement will help you feel energetic and refreshed with every sip. Go ahead and get your cold brew coffee on tap for offices to keep your team energized. 

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