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Are You An Ice-Cream Lover? Here’s Where You Can Go Next!

Are You An Ice-Cream Lover? Here’s Where You Can Go Next!

No matter how old we grow, the joy and excitement of devouring ice cream after a hearty meal will always be young. There’s just something about ice cream that makes it so versatile. It makes for a perfect dessert in every season and goes seamlessly with every flavour – be it classic strawberry to dark chocolate to mint – the pairings are endless. Delhi offers an array of places to enjoy ice cream, but with so many options, you’re bound to get confused. However, you can put your worries aside, as we’re here to share the 4 best ice cream outlets you can visit with your family and satisfy your cravings.


Baskin Robbins

Popularised because of its unique ‘31 flavor’ concept, Baskin Robbins stands true to its reputation. The number 31 represents a new flavour for each day of the month. Their ice creams are loved just about everywhere, and being the world’s largest ice cream chain, they maintain their quality, however, our personal favourite is their outlet at Select city walk, Saket, as the staff is super courteous and friendly and they assist you when you choose flavours basis your taste preferences. Our favourites are Mississippi Mud and Mint Milk Chocolate. Their cake ice creams are also to die for!

Outlet: Select city walk, Saket, New Delhi

Keventers Ice Creamery

If you like their milkshakes, you’ll LOVE their ice creams. Yes, you read that right, Keventers has launched their ice creams too, and boy are they delicious!  Our favourite is Original Sin – The Classic Belgian Chocolate, Vanilla Cinnamon Caramel, and Saffron Spiced Latte. You also have an option to choose from three types of cones – vanilla, chocolate, and charcoal. Pick yours and experience magic in each bite!

Outlet: Select city walk, Saket, New Delhi

Dolce Gelato

The word “gelato” actually means ice cream in Italian. Thankfully, we don’t have to go all the way to Italy to relish this delicacy. Smooth, flavourful, and authentic, gelatos from Dolce Gelato come in flavours ranging from chocolate to sugar-free options for guilt-free binge eating. Our favourite flavour is Tiramisu, you can even get gelato with a waffle to indulge yourself. Take a bite and you’re sure to get transported to a creamy, dreamy heaven.


Dolce Gelato, Greater Kailash – 1, Delhi


Select city walk

Fruktville is a sweet-lover’s paradise. Right from natural ice-cream, to dairy free ice cream, to sorbets and waffles, Fruktville offers a variety of flavours to choose from. They have vegan and gluten-free options too. We especially recommend trying their ice pops. Our favourites are ‘Tamarind Chili’ and ‘Triple Berry’. If you’re visiting their outlet, make sure you don’t miss their  ‘Cookie Crumble Sundae Jar’ and‘Strawberry Cheesecake Gelato’

Outlet: Select Citywalk, Saket, New Delhi

So head over to these Ice Cream Supplier tn listed above and we’re sure their ice creams will make you scream for more!


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