5 Foods That Goes Well With Whiskey   ‍

5 Foods That Goes Well With Whiskey     ‍

Whiskey is an acquired taste. It’s not your usual drink but something special that you won’t easily find in the supermarket. And if you want to enjoy drinking whiskey, you need to know how to pair it with food.There are many wonderful ways to enjoy a glass of weller special reserve whiskey, and what you eat with it can make a big difference in your experience. It’s not just about the kind of meal and drinks that we have, but also when we have them, where we have them, who with… all these variables help determine the perception of our drinking experience. If you are someone who likes experimenting with different flavors of whiskey, check out coffee flavored whiskey. To get you started on the best possible note with your whiskey, here are some great food pairings:

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is a great ingredient for any whiskey cocktail or drink. It provides a rich, sweet flavor that complements the spirit well. Dark chocolate also has a high cocoa content, which can improve the body and mouthfeel of your cocktail. The Johnnie walker collection pairs well with dark chocolate, which is also known to have health benefits. It’s packed with antioxidants that may help to lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation in the body. Although there’s not enough evidence to conclusively prove this, many people still swear by dark chocolate as an effective treatment for conditions such as diabetes and heart disease – making it a true winner when it comes to drinking whiskey!


Cheese is a classic pairing for whiskey. Aged cheeses are ideal as they are often rich and aged, and can be paired with whisky in any number of ways. Additionally, fruity cheeses like blue cheese can pair well with scents of apple and pear. There are also a range of flavored cheese options out there, so if these kinds of flavors interest you try them out! Aged cheeses like Gruyere or Parmigiano Reggiano are excellent choices to pair with Scotch whiskies. For example, try pairing these cheeses with the Old Van Winkle 10 year Whisky or Glenfiddich 15 Year Old Scotch Whisky. Flavored cheeses such as Gorgonzola or goat cheeses can also pair well with aged whiskies. Try using these types of cheese on salads, soups, or even next to fresh fruit when enjoying your whiskey.

Smoked Salmon

There are so many reasons why smoked salmon is a great food to eat this spring and summer. It’s a healthy and low-calorie option for any meal, especially if it’s paired with a salad or other lighter side dish. Smoked salmon pairs well with everything from salads to casseroles and dips, so it works well as a main dish, as well as an accompaniment to all kinds of dishes. One of the best ways to enjoy smoked salmon is to pair it with something sweet, like fresh fruit or a drizzle of honey. The sweetness brings out the rich flavor of the salmon, making it even more tasty. Another great way to enjoy smoked salmon is to pair it with cocktails. A glass of Buffalo Trace Blanton is the perfect match for smoked salmon.

Dried Fruits & Nuts

You can’t go wrong with pairing a crisp glass of whiskey with some dried fruits and nuts. Whiskey is a great choice because it’s a neutral spirit that enhances the flavors of the food you pair it with. It has the ability to enhance sweet, salty, sour and bitter tastes. The right whiskey will make the food more flavorful and fragrant, while the wrong choice can make it taste harsh or astringent. A good whiskey needs to be blended well, and should have a smooth, mellow flavor and aroma. As for the nuts and fruits, they need to be carefully chosen as well. Nuts are wonderful for helping to round out a palate for those who enjoy savory foods, but they can also overpower delicate flavors in sweet dishes. Dried fruits such as raisins can add sweetness without ruining the balance of your dish, but avoid using overly sweet fruits like pineapple or mango in whiskey-based cocktails like the Whiskey Sour.


There’s nothing like a good old fashioned meatloaf for dinner. The mix of savory and sweet flavors is an excellent way to start the day or to unwind after work. But pairing meatloaf with a delicious cocktail is an even better way to experience this classic dish in a new way. One of the best ways to do this is by adding a whiskey. Whiskey pairs well with almost any type of food, so it’s no surprise that it’s great with meatloaf. And while some people may be worried that whiskey will overpower the dish, it actually works really well with most meats. So come up with your own ideas for combining these two foods and have some fun this spring and summer!

Final Say

When it comes to whiskey pairings, the options are endless. You can sip on a whiskey on its own, but pairing it with some other food is where it’s at. Some of the best suggestions for pairing whiskey with food include dark chocolate, smoked salmon, dried fruits, nuts, and meatloaf. All of these foods are delicious on their own and will help add depth and complexity to a whiskey. The next step is to figure out what type of whiskey you enjoy most. If you’re not sure, don’t hesitate to ask your bartender or fellow drinkers. Whatever your choice may be, whiskey pairings can be one of the best ways to celebrate the season while enjoying a little taste 


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