The Health Benefits Of Thai Food in Auckland & The Most Popular Dishes

The Health Benefits Of Thai Food in Auckland & The Most Popular Dishes

Thai cuisine is one of the most popular foreign cuisines in the world due to its complex flavours. In addition, it’s rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. This blog post will cover some of the best benefits of Thai food in Auckland and some popular Thai dishes.

Most Popular Thai Dishes in Auckland

Thai kitchen has a ton of dishes to choose from, but the following are some of the most popular Thai meals in Auckland:

  • Tom Yum Soup: It is a popular Thai dish with chicken, shrimp and mushrooms. The broth has a spicy flavour and contains lemongrass, galanga root, kaffir lime leaves and chilli peppers.
  • Pad Thai: It is one of the most popular dishes in Thai fusion, and it’s easy to see why. This dish combines rice noodles with shrimp, chicken, eggs and vegetables, served with a tangy tamarind sauce.
  • Massaman Curry: It is a sweet and creamy Thai curry dish made with potatoes and roasted peanuts. While it might be tempting to skip coconut milk for health reasons, since most of us are not used to consuming many dairies, coconut milk offers some surprising health benefits.
  • Red Curry: Red curry is a classic Thai dish made with red curry paste, coconut milk and various vegetables and meat. Chicken, shrimp and fish are traditional options, but tofu, eggplant, or sweet potato are also used in place of meat. The most important ingredients in red curry are red chilli peppers, lemongrass and coriander seeds.

Thai food is incredibly healthy.

A Thai meal is one of the healthiest cuisines worldwide. Here are some of its health benefits:

  • Low in fat & calories but high in vitamins and minerals: It is high in protein, vitamins and minerals, low in fat and calories. It has little cholesterol and sodium (salt). The Thai diet is considered one of the most balanced because it contains all the essential nutrients the human body needs. Thai dishes also contain relatively high levels of fibre compared to other Asian cuisines.
  • Aids digestion: One of the most important aspects of Thai dishes is their high fibre content. Fibre is essential for improving your digestion, as it helps to regulate bowel movements and keep you regular. It also slows down the absorption of carbohydrates into your bloodstream, which means you’ll feel fuller for longer after eating Thai food.
  • Full of antioxidants: The active ingredient in Thai dishes that gives it its antioxidant properties is curcumin. Curcumin is a turmeric root component and can be found in many different types of curry dishes. It has been shown to have anti-cancer properties and may help prevent cancer cells from spreading throughout your body. In addition, it helps fight free radicals by neutralising them before they can cause damage elsewhere in your body. Antioxidants protect against heart disease by lowering cholesterol levels, reducing inflammation and preventing blood clots that could lead to heart attack or stroke.
  • Boosts Immune System: The Thai people have a long history of eating fermented foods like fish sauce and soy sauce which are rich in sodium chloride that help to keep your immune system strong. There are also many herbs used in Thai cooking, such as ginger root, which helps to boost your metabolism so you can stay healthy for longer periods without getting sick easily!
  • Reduces Stress: Stress is a major cause of many health issues, including high blood pressure, heart disease and even depression. A Thai meal is an excellent way to reduce stress because it has been proven to lower your blood pressure and increase energy levels. In addition, eating at least one serving of Thai dish each week will keep your brain functioning at its best, making it easier for you to focus on tasks throughout the day – no more feeling like your brain is fogged over!


As seen above, Thai food in Auckland has a long list of health benefits. In addition, many people who have tried Thai dishes would undoubtedly agree that it tastes delicious. So the next time you need some tasty and healthy food, try eating at a good Thai restaurant nearby.

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